Saturday, 12 September 2009

Y Viva Espana

Well that's Spain done and dusted for another year... thank fuck.

Actually it was fine. There were some stereotypical Germans; rude, brash and extremely ill mannered. There were some stereotypical Brits; tattooed, moaning and extremely offensive. There were some stereotypical Italians; smiling, elegant and extremely chilled out. But for the most part everyone was fine. The local Spaniards were without exception; extremely polite, helpful and courteous. And so endeth my brief lesson in racism a la Europa.

As for us perfect homo-sapiens, we lazed around drinking, eating and reading but I had had enough after about 4 days and spent the rest of the time pining for home. No thanks to Depakote but big thanks to Stephen King for helping me through those last few days. Eventually our seven day sentence was up and we returned to the UK tanned and tired. The main thing is that my wife got the break she needed and I got the chance to show off my flair for Spanish... "Dos cervezas por favor!"

I wrote some songs while we were away and am desperate to record them but my audio PC has finally died of old age and obsolescence and so I am currently musically impotent. I am frantically scouring Ebay for a bargain PC that will accept my audio card and drives before the new tunes escape from my head. I am radiating music like an FM transmitter at the moment, if only I had a receiver.