Friday, 22 February 2008

Things continue to go well. We spent a couple of days in York earlier this month. The weather was beautiful (if a bit chilly) and we spent the time just sauntering around and eating and drinking.

Back at home I finished recording and mixing my album and the CDs have now been pressed, I'm really pleased with it and if I get time will post an mp3 on here but I'm already starting the next one. I've got some new software and also rewired my wee studio to make things easier for me. I also bought a semi acoustic guitar to add to the growing collection.

On the downside I've had a couple of near misses when driving recently so am avoiding get behind the wheel for the time being. Also had a bit difficulty sleeping occasionally and on the odd night have taken Largactil (Chlorpromazine/Thorazine) in the middle of the night.

Mrs Mo has reported this to the doctor, who opines that I should not be self medicating but seeking a consultation. I found her pocketing my stash and demanded she return them which she reluctantly agreed to. However, I've just checked the kitchen drawer and they're all gone now. She is pushing me into going to see the doctor but I had 3 years of psychiatric care which was of no help whatsoever and indeed invariably exacerbated my condition. Psychiatry has nothing to offer me. Since being dumped by the shrink 6 months ago I have been consistently well, better than ever. I know this is going to sound like whinging but nobody gives a fuck when you're miserable and yet as soon as you show the least signs of happiness, there is a sudden rush to wipe the smile off your face.

They can try to make me go to rehab but I won't go go go.