Friday, 25 January 2008

Things are going great for me just now. I've finally finished building my strat relic...

I've also managed to record a couple of new songs in my wee studio which I'm really pleased with.

But best of all I have now managed to completely escape from the mental health services. By not turning up for our last session in September and cutting all contact with me, the pirate (my shrink) has put me to the test. He expected me to surrender and phone up asking for another appointment, thus submitting to his dominance and setting down the rules of engagement. But I have not come running to him begging for mercy. No, I have not forgotten the last time I called the mental health teams for help and was told I did not exist on their computers and according to them had never been seen by a psychiatrist. By calling his bluff I have left the ball in his court, he will certainly not come running to me apologizing!

So things are pretty good for me just now, he's fucked and I am a free man. Yowza!

The only negative thing that has happened recently was when we visited Whackerman (our ex-neighbour) at his country cottage. My missus reversed our car into his outside domestic fuel tank, ripping off the feeder pipe to the house. Although this was of great benefit to the environment, reducing carbon emissions and returning about 100 gallons of fossil fuel back to the earth there was also been a downside in that she scratched the bumper of our wee Fiesta. Fortunately our friendly Ford dealer has generously offered to repair this for only £208. I'm sure I could probably get a new fuckin' bumper for that... or maybe I'm still living in 1973? Anyway, we are checking out some dodgy repairmen to fix it on the fly. Still, it could be worse...

Monday, 7 January 2008

Well, Christmas and New Year went quietly and uneventfully… phew!

Resolutions for 2008… I’m gonna try and spend less time online. At the moment I can waste entire days and nights just pissing around on the interweb. Although I’ve been busy with guitars and music recently, all my buzzing about at home has resulted in zilch. So I’m going to try and actually get something done now. Apart from the occasional trip to my sisters or the supermarket I don’t really go out of the house at all now so getting things done should be easy.

BUT here I am sat at the computer once again so it’s onwards and upwards…. up up and away