Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Mrs Mo is now much brighter thanks to (or despite of) the Citalopram. Let's hope it continues.

I'm still writing and recording music and continuing to expand my network of musical contacts on MySpace. The band thing is not really happening (can't remember if I mentioned that I was trying to start a blues band) but may still come to fruition if I can be a bit more assertive and bully the others into doing something. The worst about being enthusiastic about something (once your labelled this is always usually clinicified as hypomanic) is everyone else always seems so apathetic and disinterested. Anyway the music continues.

We had a family get together on Sunday. My brother's family came down from Glasgow and we all had dinner at my sisters. I think I played my role fairly appropriately. Yesterday I helped the neighbours move out to the country. That's them gone now (including the dog!). It's gonna be weird but I guess I can concentrate more on a hermit like existence.

Saturday, 19 May 2007

Life is pretty unremarkable for me at the moment. I seem to be lucid and stable on 2000mg of Depakote daily. The doctor has said to my wife that because of my "big build" (sheesh!) this can be upped to 4g/daily if needed.

I have become a bit of a recluse of late, rarely venturing out of the house now even for secluded walks. However, I have become more active within my four walls. I am now enjoying cooking again and make the evening meal each day. I've also started writing and recording songs again but am a bit perplexed by my recording system and how it all works. On a similair note, I failed my last OU exam. So I'm now a bit of a thicko but at least I seem to be a fairly content thicko.

Sadly my wife is now on 40mg Citalopram for depression... but it does seem to be helping a bit. She has been much brighter this past week. We're now just waiting on the cat becoming tearful and withdrawn then that'll be the whole house miserable!

We should be worrying about the imminent move of our neighbours over the next couple of weeks and panicking about who and what we will be hearing through the walls but surprisingly we are both unfazed by this as yet. I guess we are just resigned to waiting and seeing what we get before contemplating our future.